BWE Reaches 50th Milestone

2021 marks 50 years of BWE, formerly Burkett & Wong Engineers, formerly Burkett Engineers, formerly Robert K. Burkett Associates. The name has changed, along with many of the faces,  but our focus has remained the same: BWE has always been about people – our team and our clients.

Key to BWE’s success and longevity was the founding leadership’s desire to give employees a stake in the company. They understood that people who own their efforts are more motivated to provide excellence in professional and customer service, critical elements to the success of a company. The legacy of that philosophy lives on today as BWE is a 100% employee-owned company.

The other key was recognizing the importance of client relationships. Long-term client relationships are built on a trust that requires integrity, dedication, talent, and passion to see others succeed. There is a list of firms and individuals 50 years long who have placed their trust in us. To each of them we say, thank you!

In 1971, Bob Burkett founded what would become BWE and with the help of numerous partners along the way, they created a company that has exceeded their expectations (Bob told us as much). In 2021, we celebrate their accomplishments and acknowledge our responsibility to carry their work forward. We’ll see you at 100!