Dane Hansen, PE, SE

Principal Associate
Structural Engineering


Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering
California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA


Professional Engineer, CA #77653
Structural Engineer, CA #6545


Structural Engineers Association of California


Dane has a proven track record of adapting to project challenges and constraints, and creating practical, real world solutions to achieve project objectives. His current responsibilities encompass structural analysis and design, project management and construction administration. By providing a well organized and thorough approach to project management, Dane ensures that he is able to quickly adapt to changes in budgets, schedules and design objectives.

Get to know Dane

What professional achievement are you most proud of?

“Receiving the SEAOSD Engineering in Excellence award for the Conrad Prebys Performing Arts Center in La Jolla, CA. It was a challenging project with many changes and obstacles that presented themselves during design and construction. The project was successful and I learned so much from it. Receiving the award was validation for this effort and the growth I had achieved as an engineer.”

What is your ideal vacation?

“Backpacking the Pacific Crest Trail. The freedom of having everything you need on your back and the great outdoors is a truly fulfilling experience.”

Who are your heroes?

“My father, who has shown me that hard work and dedication will provide you success; and my brother, who has shown me that it is possible to achieve your dreams.”

What is your hidden talent?

“Cooking! I can take whatever we have on hand and whip up something that is tasty and healthy.”

If you could have any other job, assuming you have the talent and necessary skills, what would you want to be?

“Car Technician. I love taking something that is broken and fixing it. If something is considered junk, I like to fix it and bring it a new life.”