Briercrest Park

Parks & Recreation | Civic

Adjacent to the Grossmont Healthcare District Library and Conference Center, Briercrest Park was designed to provide diverse sensory experiences to promote a healing environment.

BWE’s civil work consisted of grading, drainage and utility design. Grading included interactive turf mounds and ADA accessible trails throughout the park. The storm drainage system consists of underground piping with catch basins, landscape drains, and dry pond which function as water quality best management practices (BMPs). Utilities included new water and sewer laterals to serve the new 800 SF restroom building. Structural services were provided for the restroom and entrance arch fountain.

  • Structural Engineer


  • Civil Engineer


  • Оwner

    City of La Mesa

  • Architect

    Schmidt Design Group

  • Completion Date


  • Construction Cost

    $1.8 Million

  • Awards

    2007 Orchid for Landscape Architecture
    2005 Public Works Project of the Year award from the American Public Works Association