Cabrillo Heights Neighborhood Park

Parks & Recreation | Civic

The project consisted of improvements to an existing park site. New play and shaded picnic areas were connected to existing parking by accessible pathways. LID features included two rain gardens aesthetically landscaped to treat stormwater run-off. The rain gardens treat stormwater quality by filtration through soil and vegetation. Stormwater quantity is reduced through absorption by vegetation and infiltration into the ground. The sign below provides an educational resource for the public.

Cabrillo Heights Neighborhood Park and Rain Gardens received the 2015 “Project of the Year” from APWA.

  • Civil Engineer


  • Оwner

    City of San Diego

  • Architect

    KTU + A

  • Completion Date


  • Construction Cost

    $1 Million

  • Awards

    APWA 2015 Project of the Year