Grand Pacific MarBrisa Resort


The Grand Pacific MarBrisa Resort project consists of three separate phases. The first phase involved the construction of 350 hotel rooms over a single-level underground parking structure, 350 timeshare units, two restaurants, meeting rooms and various recreational amenities. An additional 3-story framed hotel building was also constructed, along with one level of below grade parking. Structural calculations and construction drawings were also provided for a one level, 3000 SF clubhouse building over partial basement. Site structures included trellises, landscape walls and benches, light pole footings and trash enclosures. Redesigning previously designed framing for Villas 51, 52 and 53 was also required through the replacement of the light gauge steel framing with wood framing. Structural calculations and construction drawings were also developed for a three level, wood framed villa building, which is similar to previous villa projects. The last phase of the projects involved the development of structural calculations and drawings for a three level, 28,000 SF sales building over a partial basement, which will be converted into hotel units in the future.

Structural EngineerBWE
ОwnerGrand Pacific Resorts
ArchitectJPM Design Management
Completion Date2013