PETCO Park Garden Buildings

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Selected to associate with Thornton-Tomasetti of New York to provide structural engineering services for the new ballpark, BWE was specifically responsible for the design of two 4-story Garden Buildings and the two major pedestrian ramps that provide access to the upper levels of the stadium.

Structurally, the Garden Buildings are supported by the framing of the main seating bowl and service level.  The buildings are constructed, mainly, of cast-in-place concrete with one-way slabs spanning between concrete beams that are supported by concrete columns.  A special concrete moment-resisting frame is incorporated to resist lateral loads and deliver them to the supporting seating bowl framing.  The incorporation of planters, water features, long escalators and access bridges provided us with some unique structural challenges.

Structural EngineerBWE
OwnerCity of San Diego, San Diego Padres, CCDC, Port of San Diego
Completion Date2004
Construction Cost$450 Million
AwardsSEAOSD Landmark Structure