The Alexandria

Biotechnology | Corporate | Science & Technology

The Alexandria project was a renovation and upgrade of an existing two-story wood and steel-framed building on a biotech campus. There were multiple improvements to The Alexandria, which included a large opening in the second floor framing to accommodate a basketball court at the first level, and an opening in the second floor framing to accommodate the lobby at the first level. Also, the addition of stepped seating at the first floor conference area, rework of existing slab, walls and footings adjacent to the new elevator to enhance the main lobby, a new feature stair case in the main lobby, the addition of a wood-framed exterior patio and an associated steel-framed trellis, various interior and exterior aesthetic improvements, tenant improvements, and miscellaneous hardscape and site structural elements.

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Structural EngineerBWE
ОwnerAlexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc.
Construction CostUndisclosed