Copley Symphony Hall 3D Laser Scan

3D laser scanning, or high definition (HD) laser scanning, is the process of applying powerful, advanced laser measurement to the normal building industry workflow. It is the most effective means of capturing spatial data in a three-dimensional format, with high precision, accuracy, and relatively low processing time. Developers, building owners, architects, and engineers are able to incorporate this 3D data into the design process using Revit and Civil 3D. The 3D laser scanner produces a real world, geo-referenced, colorized, 3D point cloud that can be modeled for BIM purposes and used to measure the horizontal and vertical positions of existing infrastructure and building resources. It is also a reliable tool for construction management and as-built purposes.

3D High Definition Laser Scanning Uses:

Topographic Surveying
Structural Steel As-built
Historical Architectural Preservation
Industrial Plant As-built
Right of Way Line of Sight Surveying
Earthwork Volumetric Surveying
Subsidence Monitoring and Deviation Surveying
Building Information Modeling
Support Surveying
Floor Flatness Verification
Site Plans
View Corridors

BWE’s scanners are capable of obtaining up to 976,000 points per second at a range of over 1,000 feet. When combined together using geo-referenced targeting systems provide an accuracy of ±2mm. We utilize Trimble Realworks Advanced Modeling software to register and model these point clouds into a format that is directly compatible with Revit and Civil 3D.

3D Laser Scanning gives BWE surveyors the accuracy and technology needed to provide project managers with the clearest, most precise vision of a site. With years of on-site experience, BWE is the premier choice for 3D high-definition laser scanning services.

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