BWE brings together the functional and aesthetic essentials of structural design, delivered with practical insight for cost-effectiveness that has become our signature. Working closely with our clients, we bring the design from the drawing table to the built environment. Our engineering team turns concepts and goals into safe, stable, buildable and attractive structures.

For more than 50 years, our engineers have played a significant role in the landscape of the Southwestern Region, including San Diego, CA. Our structural design services render projects that range from the utilitarian to the complex, including schools, churches and hospitals, as well as office, commercial, and industrial buildings.

Our structural engineers also provide a variety of clients with expert consultation for existing structures. Our engineering teams conduct damage surveys, seismic analyses, retrofit design, schematic cost estimates, and construction observation and administration, along with managing the design, inspection, rehabilitation and seismic upgrades of both bridges and buildings.

Key Services

Structural Calculations and Drawings

Construction Documents

Peer Review / Plan Review

Modernizations / Upgrades

Expert Witness / Forensics

Tenant Improvements

Construction Management

Damage Assessment and Investigation

Seismic Analyses

Retrofit Design

Schematic Cost Estimates